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Choosing The Best Golf Simulator For Your Golf Business

If you are into any golf business or have any prior experience in it, you most probably would be aware of the passion people have for playing the golf game. There are hundreds of reasons which keep them away from the golf course for playing their favorite sport. Some common reasons which keep the golfers away from the course are bad weather and lack of time. These are the reasons which have increased the popularity of golf simulators and golf simulators have become the second golf course for playing golf. Golf Players can experience the real golf while playing on these virtual indoor golf simulators. Another advantage is that, you do not have to put in much money and time while mastering this game. Golf simulators are considered an excellent way to master the game of golf. When you go out in the market to find a golf simulator, you will be surprised to find lot of different types of golf simulators with various features. With this surprise comes the confusion, as to which one would fulfill your indoor golf business needs. This is the reason you should always have a prior idea as to what features should you need in a golf simulator and what expectations you should have from a golf simulator before purchasing one. Everyone would say that they need the best golfing experience possible on a golf simulator, but it is not necessary that a bet golf simulator for someone else is also the best for you. This all depends on the requirements.

The first thing to be noted while purchasing a simulator is to see the available golf courses. You would find many simulators with a vast collection of golf courses, but if your audience of golf simulator has some favorite courses or if your business is near a golf course, you should always make sure that it is available with that golf simulator. If it is not available you should opt for a simulator which has those courses even if the total number of golf courses provided with the simulator is less. Next step would be to look for the dimensions of the courses. Some old cheap golf simulators use 2D images on their course, which does not actually provide a real golfing experience as these images are limited and there is a good chance of you hitting the ball in the rough unless you are a professional golfer. And obviously you can’t expect people who are playing on your golf simulator to be professionals.

Some simulators software in the market are very advanced and let you change the weather, breeze and time of the day also. These are a bit costly, but if you have a good class of people coming for your simulator, you can always go for it as this would be a lifetime investment. Considering that you are about to start an indoor golf simulator business, it is important that you check what is the maximum number of players which can play at a time. Some give 4-5 player and some have the capability to host even 8 players. It is always good to go for 8 players as you would be hosting a lot of tournaments to gain more profit. If you are looking to start a training center, it is a must to look for swing analyzer software with your golf simulator. A good swing analyzer can help you with club fitting and also helps you determine the areas which need improvement.

Meningkatkan Golf Pengetahuan Anda dengan bantuan Majalah Golf Best-Selling

Bagi mereka yang mencintai golf dan ingin memiliki karier yang cemerlang, membeli sebuah majalah golf sangat ideal bagi mereka. Ada beberapa isi yang tersedia di majalah tersebut. Beberapa konten mengajarkan cara bermain, bagaimana menggunakan teknik yang berbeda, ke mana harus pergi setelah itu, bagaimana untuk tetap bugar untuk pertandingan dan banyak lagi. Selain itu, mereka juga menambahkan artikel tentang sejarah permainan, wawancara pegolf ternama.

Ada banyak majalah golf tersedia secara online dan offline. Jadi, menemukan majalah diperkaya komprehensif dan konten yang cukup menjadi tugas Hercules. Hal ini disarankan untuk berhati-hati memeriksa isi, pembaca, kualitas konten, topik tertutup dan banyak lagi. Melakukan hal ini, Anda dapat memastikan bahwa Anda mendapatkan majalah terbaik untuk uang Anda.

Obgolf adalah salah satu yang paling mendistribusikan golf & majalah gaya hidup di Indonesia. Majalah ini mencakup hampir semua bagian yang bisa menjadi panduan yang sangat baik untuk kedua pegolf amatir dan berpengalaman. Anda bisa mendapatkan segalanya dengan benar dari bermain tips, tips kesehatan dari PGA kualifikasi profesional golf untuk artikel di turnamen mendatang, informasi tentang lapangan golf baik nasional maupun internasional. Singkatnya, apa pun yang Anda ingin tahu tentang golf, majalah ini memilikinya.

Selain instruksi Golf, majalah ini juga membuat Anda diperbarui dengan terbaru dan trendi gigi emas yang melanda pasar fashion. Para penulis dan profesional lainnya dari majalah terkemuka adalah multi terampil. Mereka membuat upaya terbaik mereka untuk memberikan pembaca mereka konten menyenangkan dan menarik untuk dibaca. Untuk membuat klien puas dan informasi dengan setiap konten adalah tujuan utama mereka.

Jika Anda adalah pemilik lapangan golf dan mencari yang terbaik majalah Golf untuk eksposur bisnis Anda, maka Anda adalah tempat yang tepat. Salinan mereka beredar di seluruh Indonesia, termasuk Papua, Bintan, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Bali, BATM, Semarang dan banyak lagi. Mereka mendistribusikan majalah mereka dalam Kisaran Mengemudi, Hotel, lapangan golf, toko golf, ruang utama, restoran, penerbangan, bank dan banyak lagi. Dengan memberikan daftar di maskapai terkemuka majalah golf Anda dapat tidak hanya mempromosikan jasa dan produk kepada masyarakat umum, tetapi juga karakter berpengaruh dalam bisnis. Majalah mereka tersebar di 20.000 golf anggota klub. Jadi, paparan maksimum dari bisnis Anda dijamin. Jadi, pilih majalah ini untuk mendapatkan hasil yang menguntungkan atas investasi Anda.

Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang majalah terkemuka dan layanan mereka, Anda dapat mengunjungi situs web mereka kapan saja Anda inginkan.

About The Author

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My Review Of The Golf Girl Petite Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag

My wifes friends have been inviting her to play golf at the local course for ages, but shes always declined because she doesnt think shes that good and also because she cant find the right set of clubs. Shes quite short and although I dont think shes as bad at golf as she assumes I can see her point that an oversized set of clubs will do nothing for her game and may end up denting her confidence on the course even further.

What shes been looking for is a club set that is good for beginners, is in the affordable price range of between $100-$200 and most importantly, will suit a petite woman like her. So one night I had a browse online and found the Golf Girl FWS2 Petite Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag on Amazon. Some extra research quickly showed that this is a great starter set for ladies who want to get into the sport.


The Golf Girl Petite Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag is a product from Golf Outlets of America Inc, and is the very latest addition to their Golf Girl collection. They have made sure that this set is especially made for women who are classified as petite so that they will enjoy the sport of golf with a decent set of clubs that complements their small body frame. The length and weight of these clubs is designed for women who are on average 54 in height and are just beginning to hone their skills in golf.

What to Look for when Buying this Type of Product

Golf newbies should really look for the following features in a set of starter golf clubs:

All the basic club types
Graphite shafts for added strength
Proper grip for ease of use
Proper length and weight of clubs with respect to your own height and weight

Main Features

The Golf Girl Petite Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag represents a pretty solid set of starter clubs. The included hybrid club is great for those who want to practice their distance shots, while the other iron clubs are perfect for all types of strokes from easy to advanced over varying distances. In general, the build quality of these clubs and their comfortable grips make playing all manner of shots very straightforward and satisfying. Of course, you also get a standard putter for your green shots, and this in itself is an excellent club.

The golf cart bag thats included in the package is a great addition to the set because aside from helping you easily carry the clubs around 18 holes the many pockets will also stow all your other golf accessories such as balls, tees, hats and items of clothing. Again, this cart bag is manufactured to a very high quality and is an attractive and practical addition to the whole package.

What About The Price?

The Golf Girl Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag is offered at a low price of $159.99 at Shipping is free if you take the Super Saver Shipping option.

Whats Included In The Package?

460 cubic centimeter oversized driver with graphite shaft
Zippered head covers
Hybrid club with graphite shaft
5-6-7-8-9 PW deep cavity back irons
Cart bag

What Other Buyers Have Said About the Product

Out of the 26 users that have reviewed the Golf Girl Petite Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag on, 15 of them rated the product with 5 stars, 9 of them gave the product 4 stars and the rest gave it either 3 or 2 stars.

A lot of the users agree that the Golf Girl FWS2 Petite Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag is a great starter set for those who are trying to learn golf for the first time. As discussed, it is also mentioned that this set is perfect for smaller ladies because the length and the weight of the clubs as well as the whole cart bag itself is perfect to be handled by petite women.

As many users commented, the golf cart bag was a particularly great item to have because it has lots of pockets that make it very practical for storing golf accessories when out on the course.

Any Complaints?

Some of the very few users who gave this product a low rating said that while it is a good starter set, it stays that way. If you need to progress further in playing golf, some users recommend that you will ultimately need to invest in more advanced equipment. However, it was agreed by most buyers that the price is fair for a newbie golf set.

Where is the Product Sold?

You can purchase the Golf Girl Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag on As alluded to above they offer free shipping on this produce and currently offer the best price for this starter golf set. Click here to view further details of the Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set on

Where Can You Read More Reviews of the Golf Girl Petite Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set?

There are over 26 reviews of the Golf Girl Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set on Amazon, which is ideal place to get more information on this item.

How to Find Cheap Golf Carts for Sale- A Short Review

Deciding to buy a golf cart this season is indeed a great idea. If you are an avid golfer, or your dear one enjoys golf, then investing in a cart is a decision you will never regret. Even with a caddy it can get very cumbersome to carry a club bag and walk across a golf course. Woe to you if the distance is more than 9 holes! They are very helpful in covering the distance with all your equipment in a short time. This leaves you with more energy to put into the game.

You could invest in a cheap one to serve your purpose. As they come in various designs, colors and with different accessories and features, the prices of carts vary over a large scale.

Where to buy cheap golf carts?

– Cheap golf carts are available to you across the counter from a retailer, a golfing community, an individual or from an online website of a merchant.

– If you find a local golf cart retailer, check out the price he is offering and do remember to compare. Do not hesitate to ask for cheap carts. Often by comparison we get a better idea of the product and its varied cost in different retailing outlets.

– It can also happen that through a friend you might learn that an individual is selling his golf cart. He might be relocating to another city, buying a new one or just might be in need of the money. Take a look at what he has. You might just find what you are looking for.

– Sometimes golf clubs have annual sales where their supplier might be selling it at discounted rates. There are chances of striking a good deal here.

– The easiest way to find a cheap golf carts is to go online and do a bit of searching. You can get great deals with up to 30% savings on what you would have spent at a store. Once you have made the purchase you can be sure to enjoy a relaxing ride across the green in your little machine. No more tiresome walks with heavy bags when you are at your golf club doing what you enjoy best.

Shop for Golf Equipment online at Spitzer Golf Products, the shopping site for Golf carts, Golf Training Aids as well as Laser Range Finders.

Golf Tactics For New Golfers – 3 Things You Must Know

For all those individuals starting out enjoying this wonderful game of golf, all of the recommendations and opinions with regards to the golf swing have to be pretty overwhelming. If a person were to take everything they listen to seriously, swinging a golf club must seem more complicated than brain surgery. I have put down several golf points for new golfers with the aim of simplifying, not further complicating the golf swing.

To simplify, to be able to strike the golf ball consistently with as little side spin as possible, we are going to look at three areas:

1. The set-up. In contrast to setting up to the golf ball with the thought of creating as much club speed as possible (you aren’t there yet), visualize being in a position to hit the ball squarely, as opposed to a slicing, or glancing blow. If you were to look down on the ball, and the target area would be at twelve oclock on the ball, ideally you would want to hit the ball at about seven oclock and would exit the golf ball at about one oclock. If finished with a club head that is square to the golf ball (not opened or closed), you will be able to send the ball having a slight counter clockwise spin, or hook spin. For the new golfer, that will provide you with the maximum length.

2. Balance. Of all of the golf approaches for the new golfers, this might be the most critical, because it is impossible for any golfer at any level to become consistent without maintaining correct balance. But instead of getting into a long discussion on everything that goes into balance, let us keep it simple. Think about keeping the spine straight and upright during the swing. Keeping a straight spinal column will allow an unrestricted turn with the least level of resistance, making for less moving parts. It will also keep the head still, allowing you to better focus on the ball during the swing. A straight spine with some flex in the hips and knees will help you to be more balanced, giving you more consistent ball-striking.

3. Ball concentration. You will find there’s huge difference between looking at the golf ball during the swing and having a total, laser-like aim on the golf ball. It is something that is not pointed out because everyone assumes that you automatically keep your eye on the ball. But that’s not enough. I read once where a professional golfer would juggle two balls in one hand in order to make him better focus on the ball. No matter what training aid you use that will help you with your ball concentration is great, but as one of the golf tips for new golfers, this is a must.

Certainly these only scrape the surface, but at this point your golf training should be kept simple, without getting too technical. But I congratulate you on trying to improve yourself in an endeavour that certainly has many components.

Forming Good Golf Swing Habits, Get your Tools from the Golf Warehouse

Continuing Forming great Golf Swing Habits – Get your Tools from the Golf WarehouseBy Neil Lesfrance 09/06/2013

It takes a great deal of practice to get a good golf swing, to begin with you must get the right tools from the Golf Warehouse. You also need to be starting from a foundation of good strategy. Learning some great habits early on in your golfing profession will keep you in good stead, providing you a great foundation to work from when you want to improve your game and learn more complex golfing methods. Even some experienced golfers can gain from a refresher in the fundamental techniques, as it’s simple to pick up bad habits while you are playing the game.

Exactly How To Develop Good Golf Swing Driver Habits

The very first thing you require to consider is developing a great golf swing driver practice. Realize at the launch that it’s going to take continuous practice till the right golf warehouse swing technique becomes ingrained in your memory. Like with any various other habit, after repetitive usage it will then translate into normal instinctive action so that your swing is correct. If you engage in the right golf game swing technique consistently, your swing will become a “great habit”.

Developing a great golf warehouse swing won’t need any conscious thinking, simply the three “P’s”: practice practice, practice. You can effortlessly achieve this objective. There are additionally alternate golf swing techniques that can help golfers and which according to great golfer Moe Norman show that standard golfing move techniques can often are flawed and thus not just what they are made out to be.

A Simple Method That Works

If you want to discover just how to get a good golf swing driver, try this simple method. Cut your swing up into various areas, including the address. Form a triangle from your arms and chest, then take away by moving the triangle as a single entity – don’t make any changes to the angles, so, don’t move your wrist at all. Now, increase your club to the height of your waistline, pause there. Then practice that movement over and over. This may seem strange, but exercise it a few times until you get used to doing it.

Once you get this right, the following thing you need to do is raise the swing till it reaches the top and then look to your hand as well as arm place and follow it by starting the downward move and turn your left hip and then continue with your downward swing until you reach a place just right back of the ball.

Make sure you keep the club square with the ball, and keep your wrists firm as you continue the swing. You wish the impact to be triggered by the arms, and whenever you make the follow through be sure that your right forearm crosses over your left one.

This method is easy, but really effective. It’s a golf warehouse swing technique you can exercise without even making use of a club, and it will make sure which you have a smooth, grooved swing every time you strike the ball – it will become second nature, and your golf swing will be much more all-natural, and advantage immensely when you master the technique.

About the Author: Want to improve your game? Get Golf Swing online! Right here is an affordable Golf Warehouse that might be just appropriate for you. You can begin improving your game right now.

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Ping Golf Clubs

PING golf clubs are one of the most known brands of clubs available. Started in the late 1950s, PING came about as the result of a General Electric engineer, Karsten Solheim, being frustrated at the putters he used when golfing. Using his knowledge and ingenuity, Solheim revolutionized the game of golf with his metal putter, the PING 1A.

In 1966 the big breakthrough for PING came when Solheim designed a new putter, called the Anser. The Anser instantly transformed the putting game, and to this day is known as the grandfather of the modern putter. Almost every putter seen on TV, in videogames, and even at mini golf courses is inspired by the original Ansers engineering.

Since then, PING golf clubs have expanded to more than just putters. Offering every type of club, PINGs golf clubs provide the same ingenuity and solid engineering which made them a household name among golfers for the last four decades. While PING golf clubs are most expensive than many other alternatives, when you buy PING you know youre getting a quality product with decades of success. And unlike many other brands, PING provides simple custom fitting options on their website; all you need to do is enter several easy-to-find-out numbers, and theyll create a static fitting just for you.

Although Golf Hall of Famer Karsten Solheim recently passed away, his legacy lives on in every PING golf club created and shipped, and to this day PINGs mission statement of helping golfers become better golfers stands strong.

Some Gift Ideas For Golf Lovers

Approximately fifty million people all over the world play golf. Golf is a sport that values precision and accuracy over strength and speed. It is also a game that requires strategizing and thinking. Apparently, for a lot of people, playing golf is fun too. Golf was said to be a rich mans sport mainly because of the high cost of membership fees and gear. A lot of working people play golf to de-stress and even close business deals. It is easy enough to know how to play it, but it is quite difficult to play it well. Now that Christmas is once again just around the corner, it might be a good idea to give golf related Christmas presents to those who truly love the sport.

You might think of buying a particular golf lover golf clubs. However, unless you really know that person, that is not such a good idea. Golf clubs have to be a perfect fit which is why most players choose to try it out before buying it. Hence, you will need to think about other gift ideas. How about providing an experience instead of something material? If he or she happens to be new to the sport, that person might really appreciate getting lessons from a pro. Those who already know how to play the game would appreciate passes to the most luxurious golf courses. That is, of course, if that person has not yet played in those golf courses.

Material things are not always so bad either. If a golf lover uses the establishments golf GPS system, you can always get him or her one. This gadget can really be useful for those who want to keep on improving their game. The basic systems do not even cost an arm and a leg. Golf related trinkets can be good stocking fillers too like cufflinks with a golf ball design or a small trophy which has the persons name on it. That can even serve as an inspiration to play even better. Presents with a hint of humor can include a golf set for the bathroom. He or she can putt a few balls while sitting on the throne. Other miniature golf sets can also be set up at home or at the office. You can really find so many different gifts for golf lovers. Choose one that will suit the persons taste and you will really see a smile on his or her face this Christmas.


The Golf Swing It’s all in the Hands – Overall Book Description

Book Description

This book is written from the perspective that correct hand action is crucial to developing a well coordinated, fault-free golf swing. Moe Norman and me share theopinion that proper hand action is missing from many golf swings. In short, this book teaches the hand action of the golf swing and how to coordinate your shoulder turn with this hand action.

The lessons on the hand action of the golf swing consist of four chapters: The Golf Grip, Addressing the Ball, the Hand Action, and Adding the Shoulder Turn. These chapters are written with detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by color photographs illustrating many of the steps.

The book was published in November 2011. It is one hundred and sixty pages long and includes two hundred and forty-five pictures. The book is spiral bound so that you can take your hands off the book and not have it close on you while you follow along holding your golf club. The dimensions of the book are: 6 inches (width) by 9 inches (height) by 0.5 inch (depth). It can easily be tucked away in your golf bag ready for you to use on your next visit to the practice range. The ISBN is 978-0-9813392-0-7. It retails for $ 19.95 plus shipping and can be shipped any where in the world.

The book is sold to libraries so you may find a copy of it at your local library, if not you may want to suggest it to your library.

Other places to find the book are: iBookstore (ebook),,, Google Books,,, and Additional ebook versions will be created in the coming months.

For Beginner-level and Intermediate-level Golfers

Designed for beginner- and intermediate-level golfers, The Golf Swing: It’s all in the Hands takes your through four golf lessons: -The Golf Grip-, -Addressing the Ball-, -The Hand Action,- and -Adding the Shoulder Turn.-

This lesson on hand action is difficult to find in print. To my knowledge, the last book written on the subject was in 1946 by E.M. Prain. The book’s title is, Live Hands: A Key to Better Golf.

Missing from Most Golf Swings

Take it from Moe Norman, the legendary ball striker, many golfers make the mistake of waving at the ball. What Moe is saying is that many golfers swing the golf club using uncontrolled hand action. In doing so, at the moment of impact they have no control over the position of the clubface relative to the target line or golf ball. The result is a poorly struck and misdirected golf shot. To hit pure and accurate golf shots consistently you need to develop a technique that will return the clubface perpendicular to the target line each time at the moment of impact. Correct hand action and a coordinated shoulder turn will go a long ways to making this happen.

Moe Norman and Ben Hogan are the only two golfers to own their golf swings. That is, their golf swings were so good that either of them could hit whatever golf shot they wanted whenever they wanted. Moe’s goal in life was to hit the golf ball pure and accurate three hundred and sixty-five days a year! As far as humanly possible, I think he achieved his life’s work.

The Benefits of Learning These Four Lessons

In mastering these lessons, you will learn how to align the sweet spots of the clubface to the sweet of the golf ball. As you take your backswing and pivot the golf club parallel to the target line, you will learn to maintain the alignment of the sweet spots right up to the top of the backswing and to the moment of impact. For the moment of impact, you will learn to have the clubhead moving along the target line in the direction of your target while simultaneously positioning the clubface perpendicular to the target line. At the moment of impact, the sweet spot of the clubface will be aligned with the sweet spot of the golf ball resulting in pure and accurate ball striking. This is the essence of this book written in four concise and detailed chapters.

A Final Thought

Sooner or later, any serious student of the golf swing will realize the need to learn proper hand action and the need to know how the shoulders turn with the hands to make one coordinated motion through the ball.

– The Author, James Lythgoe

Anything concerning playing golf vacations


Trying to get a great great place intended for a good fantastic Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons golf instruction journey within US ALL? lookup not any even more, when we now have resolved a person’s issue! whenever you on no account assumed associated with Myrtle seaside saturday and sunday the game of golf visits, perhaps it will maybe you should be the appropriate moment to handle that will action.
Playing golf while in the Myrtle seaside the game of golf night clubs can be actually any extremely stimulating competence and this check out can be seconded by means of numerous golf players over the united states. which ever level of enjoying power chances are you’ll certainly include, for anyone who is substantial with regards to the golf instruction and also want to have a excellent moment at the same time although bettering the adventure, you should not reduce the possibility for you to piece since various when 120 quite a few the game of golf locations inside Myrtle Seashore.
The one situation you will maybe uncover yourself around at some time is actually which often golf path to help scalp? the top end playing golf courses of which Myrtle seaside have got to supply Myrtle Beach front, when many of us outlined sooner, can be well-known due to the multitude quantity of golf training. Enables chuck perfection about number of advisors because uses: North Myrtle seaside Inside predicament you should brain northwards concerning the Myrtle seaside with the ideal the game of golf saturday and sunday, next A SINGLE place you simply won’t be able to by pass will be Barefoot. Very well, that does not lead outright to you are able to choose near to barefoot regarding the course!
but it surely unquestionably demonstrates how a playing golf products below supply you similar nearness in order to figure once you could experience going for walks barefoot! Most of these Barefoot applications include satisfactory obstacle per novices in conjunction with veteran benefits. These, you’ve got THREE excellent the game of golf courses to pick out by and may even certainly have got to appreciate while a lot because $300 that will $627 straight into ones purses intended for a fantastic playing golf end of the week.
The extra worthiness wide range because of providers aboard. Regardless of what the game of golf route you will certainly work out within the stop, you will be sure a superb time period in addition to brilliant valued at with the capital. center Myrtle seaside web hosting service some distinctive tournament variety tennis products unquestionably helps make the actual Story playing golf vacation resort operating out of midst Myrtle seaside the exceptional the game of golf site intended for arranging styles weekend break journey. The particular Parkland route throughout Tales, center Myrtle seaside is perhaps among the optimum the game of golf courses that criminal history check accomplish about. It’s mentioned among the list of top tennis packages inside of INDIVIDUALS in addition to turning into giving with a innovative natural and organic surfaces, them delivers extensive troubles in order to master the game of golf specialists.