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How To Watch Your Favorite Sports Tv Channels Online

What will you do if you are away from home and desperate to watch the ongoing football match on ESPN Live? Online TV channels are the solution.

TVChannelsFree: All you need is a PC with high speed Internet connection and log in to TVChannelsFree. You can watch live TV channels on this website absolutely free by installing the blinkx Remote Toolbar. Following is an indicative list of sports channels that you can watch at your convenience on this website.

ESPN: It offers live streaming of sports broadcasts on MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, racing, soccer, basketball, golf, boxing, tennis, and so on. You can watch ESPN Live from TVChannelsFree that show recorded programs or live streaming from this popular sports channel, absolutely free of cost.

Chelsea TV: Here is a special treat for football lovers, especially Chelsea fans. As the official TV online for the Chelsea Football Club, it broadcasts the latest news about the club, its players and the matches. You can enjoy live commentary of football matches at TVChannelsFree without paying any subscription for cable TV.

College Sports TV USA: This online TV channel broadcasts sports programs from college sports to professional ones. If you are looking for live scores, statistics, highlights and news for college football Saturdays, NFL Sundays, Masters moments, and March Cinderellas in USA, then College Sports TV is the right place. You can watch it on your PC at TVChannelsFree.

FoxSports: You can watch this popular television channel at TVChannelsFree. It offers recorded and live streaming of programs like NBA, MLB, Nascar, NHL, MMA, Tennis, and a lot more.

Eurosport Online: This sports TV online offers sports programs free of cost through online TV like TVChannelsFree. The football, snooker, tennis, cycling, F1, and Moto GP programs are broadcast in Romanian language on this channel. If you want to check out the photos of your beloved sports stars or the latest in Fantasy Sports, then watch live TV on this website.

HBO Boxing: This online TV channel is dedicated to boxing fans and broadcasts American boxing events. You can view it anytime at TVChannelsFree.

NHL Network: If you want to watch the National Hockey League events then NHL Network is a good option. Broadcast in English, this US sports channel can be watched free of charge at TVChannelsFree. As the National Hockey Leagues official website, NHL Network offers the latest scores, news, videos, schedules, statistics, information on teams and players, and much more.

Poker Channel: It is the largest gaming television network in Europe, dedicated exclusively to Poker. Even though it is broadcast from England, Poker Channel has a huge base of global audience. In Latin America and Europe itself, this sports channel has an audience base of above 30 million homes, through cable TV and satellite TV. You can watch this live TV online free of cost and from anywhere in the world at TVChannelsFree.

Sportal TV: Those of you who like to watch live TV for football, golf, rugby, tennis, racing, Olympics, extreme sports, combat TV, and so on, Sportal TV offers all these from the comfort of your home. Watch this channel without charge at TVChannelsFree.

The Tennis Channel: Watch the latest interviews, news, and special programs on Tennis at this television channel without paying anything to any cable operator. Just log in to TVChannelsFree and watch Tennis whenever you want.

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NY man arrested after DWI crash

On Dec-25th Suffolk County, NY Police, arrested a man named Ransom Soper for driving while intoxicated after his passenger was seriously injured when his vehicle struck a pole in Mastic Beach.

Ransom Soper was driving 1999 Ford Mustang southbound while intoxicated on Mastic Road when the vehicle struck a pole and injured his passenger severely.

The passenger in the Ford was airlifted by Suffolk County Police Helicopter to Stony Brook University Hospital where he was listed in serious condition.

DWI attorney NY Paul D. Petrus, Jr.1 says about DWI in NYC, -Legally, the original reason the officer stopped you need not be related to driving while intoxicated from alcohol or drugs. In fact, routine stops for broken taillights, out-dated registration or even cracked windshields have been upheld across the country as sufficient cause for officers to detain individuals and then to check symptoms for driving under the influence. In any given case, however, there may be grounds to have the case dismissed by the filing of a motion to suppress the evidence based upon an initial bad stop.- (Ref: The Law Office of Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates, P.C.,

If you have previously been convicted of a DWI in New York in the last 10 years, you may be charged and convicted of a felony DWI.

Soper, 22, of Bieselin Road, Bellport, was transported to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Vehicular Crime Unit detectives charged Soper with Driving While Intoxicated. He will be held overnight at the Seventh Precinct and is scheduled for arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip on December 25. The investigation is going on.

Disclaimer: The contents of this page are general in nature. Please use your discretion while following them. The author does not guarantee legal validity of the tips contained herein.

1.Paul D. Petrus, Jr.:Mr. Paul D. Petrus Jr. is a member of the New York State Bar Association and New York Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is a practicing New York criminal defense attorney. Mr. Petrus works in federal and state courts. If you are looking for a New York criminal defense attorney, call Paul D. Petrus Jr. at 212.385.1961 / 212.564.2440or you can e-mail . Office is located at the Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3601, New York, NY 10118. Visit more information.

Perfect Your Game With These Golf Chipping Tips

Chipping is a key shot required in the game of golf and hence it is good to know about certain vital golf chipping tips before trying your hand at it. It is not just the ability and the talent to play golf that helps a person to make a mark in the game of golf. A person also needs to put in consistent effort in improving their game so that they can do well despite losing the rhythm of their golf swing for a temporary period. Even the most experienced players face situations when they simply do not have the swing. Under such circumstances, good golf chipping tips and techniques will come in handy.

A large number of golfers face the problem of getting the golf ball 400 yards from the tee to beside the green in just a few strokes. To avoid improperly hitting the chip shots, players should at first shift the larger part of the weight onto the left foot. One should let the hands move ahead of the ball, thereby playing the ball towards the back of the stance. A player can strike a fantastic chip shot with the right downward stroke without trying to slide the club face under the ball.

To hit a chip shot, one must remember not to scoop the ball into the air but play it with the correct sliding shot. A golfer has to make sure that the hands are kept well ahead of the ball and the wrists should not be positioned in a way so as to control the shot. Allowing the wrists to dominate the shot may increase the risk of thinning the ball clean through the green or throwing it a few inches away.

Positioning the hands in front of the ball and attempts at getting the grip and shaft past the line before the club head at the time of striking the ball can help a player to chip the ball and score his best when he steps onto the golf course. Thinned or fluffed chip shots happen when the club head goes beyond the hands.

The key to hitting good chip shots and scoring well is to hold the club a little down the shaft and play a practice chip. Getting the correct wrist action is important to ensure that the handle of the club does not touch your body and stays far away from you.

A golfer can learn about the correct wrist action by playing a practice chip and using a training aid that widens the golf club handle. This will ensure that the player using the right golf chipping tips and technique does not get hit in the body by the extended handle.

The Golf Downswing Five Magic Tips To Transform Your Golf Game

The golf downswing is absolutely and without doubt THE most important move in golf. What precedes it doesn’t really count. Nothing else really matters if this part of the swing is not correct. Everything else is a waste of time, if this aspect of the golf swing is not right. Everything we do before we start the downswing (the grip, the stance, alignment, takeaway, backswing) is preparation for enabling us to make the golf swing as technically proficient a golf swing as possible.

Starting the downswing with our arms/ shoulders is the number one error most golfers make. This will usually cause the dreaded “out to in” swing or more simply “swinging across the line”. The slice is the most common result of this because we have had to open the club face to allow the ball to come back towards our intended target. If this is your natural swing, you will understand how difficult the game can be, especially if playing into a head wind or left to right cross wind. The other outcome this can cause is if we do NOT open the club face to compensate. Result. A pull shot to the left.

In theory, the golf downswing should be the result of everything that has gone before it. It should start from the ground up. This sounds a bit complicated but all it simply means is that the first movement of the downswing should be made by the lower body. Coaches and swing gurus argue about this move and which part of the body moves first. The importance of not having too many swing thoughts cannot be over emphasised. It is crucial that we have only one downswing trigger thought at this stage in the swing.

Golf Tip #1 One of the best trigger motions is to push the right knee towards the left knee and put the left heel flat on the ground. These 2 movements begin the process of your hips moving forward. The hips will want to turn slightly. Permit this to happen.

Golf Tip #2 Allow your upper body to uncoil naturally in response to this trigger motion. If your lower body is moving and turning, your upper body has to also. Let it happen with as little conscious contribution from you as possible.

Golf Tip #3 It is imperative that you make sure that your shoulders, arms and hands follow exactly along the same path as you made with your backswing. If you can master this part of the downswing then you will eradicate that “out to in” swing.

Golf Tip #4 Practice this trigger motion without a ball. Rehearse that motion of moving the right knee and planting the left foot flat on the ground. Really work at getting the downswing moving along the same line as the backswing. Do it over and over again until you don’t have to think about it.

Golf Tip #5 The best tip you will ever get is “swing within yourself” Have the sense that you’re swinging at about 85% for all your shots. This will permit you time to execute the swing and it will develop better timing hugely. You will then hit the ball further and much closer to the target, more of the time.

Try and stay loose and relaxed. You cannot expect to do any physical endeavour while you are uptight. Let the swing flow. Endeavour to have as little conscious input as possible. If you have too much going on in your head, you cannot possibly expect to make a good swing.

Master this one aspect of the swing and then you can work on improving other element of the golf swing at a later date.

Of course, the golf swing has more to it than just the downswing but improving this one aspect will give your game a huge boost and then you’ll see that handicap really start to fall.


Fundraisers For Pre-teen Sports Teams

Pre-teen sports teams give young people a great opportunity to participate in a team sport, make new friends, and learn about teamwork. Besides being great fun and keeping them out of trouble, participation in pre-teen sports also gives young people a solid foundation for the future.

While fundraising on the part of parents, coaches and teachers is good and effective, the young people enjoying team sports can also enjoy participating in the fundraising themselves.

Encouraging participation

Everybody loves pre-teen sports, and sometimes the parents get even more excited about it than the kids. At the very beginning of the season, send out a fundraising letter or hold a meeting with all the parents to discuss fundraising, if for no other reason, to get them prepared to spend some time and get into a fundraising mode. Leverage the parents that were involved the year before. Encourage them to help out again in sharing their ideas and wisdom with the rest of the group. Get the kids interested too. Discuss the need for fundraising with them, and tell them about a few fundraising ideas. Kids are natural salespeople, and will be able to help out a lot towards their own cause–don’t make the mistake of just leaving all the fundraising to the parents.

Set the stage for participation in the next fundraiser too, by making sure to recognize the hard work done by all the volunteers, including both students and parents, making sure everyone knows the results of the fundraising, and sending a “thank you” to donors.

Have specific goals

Pre-teen sports teams can always use money for something, whether it’s new uniforms, awards, field trips, or equipment. But each fundraising initiative should have a specific and realistic goal that everybody is working for. When a child says “will you buy a box of candy to help us buy uniforms,” they’re a lot more likely to get a positive response than if they simply say, “will you buy a box of candy.” Also, you’ll get your parent and student volunteers more excited about fundraising if they know what they are working towards. Raising money for the “general fund” isn’t nearly as glamorous as raising money for something tangible that everybody can see and is within reach.

Specific goals are easy to come by. Pre-teen sports teams aren’t known for having large amounts of wealth, and there’s almost always something they need. Even if the team is school-sponsored, schools all over the country are suffering from cutbacks and often don’t have the funds to support the teams like they should. Keep in mind too, there are a lot of corporate sponsors and local businesses that would love to help, and would love to have some positive publicity. If they know exactly what is needed, you may have a chance of getting just a handful of companies together to foot the bill for the equipment, trips, or uniforms you need.

Getting support from community businesses

A common method of getting support from local businesses is to publish a yearbook, or sell ads on your team sports programs. It’s not hard to get the support of local merchants, but you do need to follow a few simple guidelines:

In addition to describing the benefit a donation will give to the team, describe the benefit to the individual merchant. You will be much more likely to get a donation if you are offering something to the merchant of value. This may come in the form of ad space in a program, having their company name displayed in the clubhouse, or a mention over the loudspeaker at halftime.

Follow up after the fundraiser is over. Send a “thank you” letter or a small token of appreciation to every donor. This shows them that you appreciate their support–and it also sets the stage for their participation in future events.

Give them a range of options. Don’t ask for the same amount from every merchant, give them a range of options from small to large dollar amounts.

The Arkansas Wild Hog Offense For Youth Football

The Wildcat is an “new breed” offensive formation that has taken all levels of football by storm. The Wild Hog started this craze down in Arkansas and has since been adapted by Ole Miss with the Wild Rebel and of course the Miami Dolphins with the Wildcat.

This offense is actually an offshoot of one of the oldest offensive system in football. Pop Warner invented the Single Wing and the Wildcat is a hybrid of this offense.

This offense gives the youth coach all the power he needs to run a powerful new offensive system! THIS IS NOT A SINGLE WING system that many coaches sell on the Internet. The Wildcat is a much different offense than these hybrids of the single wing.

There is a youth football playbook on the market entitled the “Miami Dolphins Wildcat, Ole Miss Wild Rebel & Arkansas Wild Hog Youth Football Playbook” which has been receiving excellent reviews.

If you a new or veteran youth football coach, or just a football fan you have heard of the Wildcat offense used by the Miami Dolphins. The Wildcat offense is a “hybrid” version of the Wild Hog, which is a hybrid of the single wing offense. Pop Warner’s Single Wing offense is making a comeback at the pee wee football level. The Wildcat, Wild Rebel and Wild Hog contain some single wing principles, but take it to the next level. The coaching staff, with over 100 combined YOUTH FOOTBALL experience, have tweaked and modified this unique offense for the youth level.

This Miami Dolphins Wildcat, Ole Miss Wild Rebel & Arkansas Wild Hog Youth Football Playbook is designed for youth football players, not high school or college. These systems were designed for college and the NFL, but we have adapted these systems for the pee wee level. As all playbooks on our site, the plays have been tested and do work at the youth level.

This particular offense is not recommended for the younger players and is most effective with players 10-14.

This unique playbook covers the base formations and plays from ALL THREE of these hybrids, the Miami Dolphins Wildcat, Ole Miss Wild Rebel & Arkansas Wild Hog. Each system is a little different and attacks the defense in a unique way.

The Miami Dolphins Wildcat, Ole Miss Wild Rebel & Arkansas Wild Hog Youth Football Playbook makes football fun again and we suggest using it as a supplement to your base offense. If you would like to run the Wildcat, Wild Rebel or Wild Hog this season then this book will teach you all you need to know!

European Auto Maintenance for Land Rover and Jaguar at Eurobahn BMW MINI Mercedes-Benz Audi in Gree

Needing maintenance on your vehicle is inevitable. No matter the make or the model, in order to keep your vehicle in the best of conditions, your vehicle needs routine and scheduled maintenance. At Eurobahn BMW MINI Mercedes-Benz Audi, our expert staff knows the importance of a great maintenance job. You can be sure that any time your vehicle is in our facility, it is in the absolute best of care. We ensure that your vehicle, whether its a Land Rover or Jaguar, will be back on the road and performing at its maximum level in a timely manner. If youre tired of searching for an honest and reliable maintenance and service center, search no further. Eurobahn BMW MINI Mercedes-Benz Audi has got you covered. >

All of our auto technicians are certified and factory trained. They are truly some of the best in the business. As soon as your Land Rover or Jaguar is brought into our shop, they get right to work, diligently diagnosing and providing the proper maintenance to your vehicle. Its common knowledge that when it is time for your car to receive maintenance, you want to take it to someone who specializes in your vehicle. With over seven years of experience working with foreign luxury vehicles, our auto technicians are more than qualified to take care of all of your Land Rover and Jaguar needs. In our European Auto Maintenance facility, we use genuine parts and only the most sophisticated equipment. We practice preventative maintenance, which means that well perform all necessary services to keep your vehicle in great health. The health and longevity of your Land Rover or Jaguar is our greatest concern.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Eurobahn BMW MINI Mercedes-Benz Audi is conveniently located at 303 S Swing Rd. Greensboro, NC 27409. Our service advisors and technicians are knowledgeable and eager to answer all of your questions and address all of your inquiries. We want to make sure that our customers are educated and comfortable with their vehicles. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and we work relentlessly to achieve one hundred percent customer satisfaction. As you await completion of your maintenance service, feel free to take advantage of our many amenities, including unlimited water/coffee, free Wi-Fi access, as well as clean restroom facilities. We also offer a shuttle service locally around the Greensboro area. Visit us today and see why we are the best choice for you. Let us get you rolling in the right direction.

Sports Silicone Wristbands – All You Need To Know

Nowadays you can see the sports player wearing these sports wristbands in their game. Why do they wear? What is the use of it? Why has it gained popularity recently? These questions definitely arouse in the minds of people and in this article, you can know all about these excellent rubber bracelets. The sports wristbands are made of silicone and they are called as silicone wristbands and it is specifically made of silicone because it is heat resistant and not subjected to any tear and damages.

The first reason why the athletes use these silicone wristbands is it absorbs the sweat and avoid slip ups. These tight wristbands give support to the players wrist while they engage in any sports activities like baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, soccer and rugby. And nowadays, it has been attracted by other sports due to its attracting look and sweat absorbing capability.

Even though it is used in other sports, these bands are particularly used in the above mentioned games. Because in games like tennis and volleyball, the player put lot of strain on the wrist so when they wear this band, it prevents the users wrist from injuries. This rubber bracelet prevents the sweat running down the users arms or hands and provides padding over the wrist. Most of the athletes use customized wristbands with their own team logo on them.

Most of the athletes embroider their specialization field in this band and also they wear these rubber bracelets in order to advertise their sponsors so that the sponsors can gain publicity and can boost their companys profit. These sports wristbands avoid slip ups in game by absorbing the sweat and help to get over this issue.

The excess amount of sweat that occurs creates some sort of inconvenience during the game and when you use the sports wristband, you can notice that your game will be more effective and can avoid slip ups and some errors that occur due to sweat.

The wristbands that are designed for sports are friction enhancing wristbands and come in a design of elastic moisture absorbing sleeve with high friction surface over the major portion of the wristband. It provides extra grip particularly in sports like football, especially when the ball is gripped between the wristband and wearers body so it does not drop out easily. In the game of basketball, the rubber bracelets have gained popularity and it is used as a baler id bands with distinctive color and message printed on it.

Each and every sportsman love to wear wristbands as it puts up a sporty statement. There are different types of wristband available and different colors of band that are used for different sports. So the overall summary of the sports wristbands is, it can be used as an advertising tool, it creates a huge craze among players, it motivates the sportsmen and the viewers, absorb sweat and make the player comfortable. So try to get your silicone wristbands in an affordable price from the best wristband manufacturers.

Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan

In United States, there are indeed several insurers that use the word “Citizens” for their companies names. One of the most popular among all of them is the Citizens Insurance Company of America. It is based in Michigan and a subsidiary of The Hanover Insurance Group, hence Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan. Although the companys headquarter in Howell, Michigan, it operates in many regions of the Midwest.

Basic Auto Coverage

The Michigan auto insurance is based on no-fault policy. That means your insurer will pay for all the necessary medical cost, rehabilitation expenses, and even provide reimbursement for lost wages in case you are incapacity to work due to road accidents for up to three years. The no-fault policy is considered as the most generous type of insurance policy because it provides payout regardless of who is at fault in the accident. The main purpose of such regulation is to prevent lawsuits being filed in the case of accident unless someone is severely injured or killed. It simplifies things.

Car insurance in Michigan is one of few that apply this no-fault regulation. Currently, there are only 12 states in the country providing the benefit. The official website of Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan does not provide information about this because all information about coverage, discounts, etc., is available at The Hanover Insurance Groups website.

The basic auto coverage liability requirement for drivers in Michigan includes PIP (personal Injury Protection), Property Damage, and Bodily Injury. Auto Citizens Insurance Michigan, however, does not limit your options to those basic policies. Optional coverage is available, but you may need to check for it at the official website of The Hanover Insurance Group. Among all options provides, the Connection Auto feature allows you to customize your coverage depending on what you need. This feature has some good options for example Roadside Assistance, Travel Right Endorsement, Rental Coverage Upgrade, Extended Non-Owned Auto Coverage, and more.


Based on last years report, Citizens Auto Insurance Michigan has been affirmed to have an “A” (Excellent) financial rating by A.M. Best, a reputable independent insurance reviewer. The rating was for the parent company, but it also applied to all of its subsidiaries. The FSR (Financial Strength Rating) and ICR (Issuer Credit Rating) of “A” have been confirmed to many of its subsidiaries including Citizens Insurance Michigan (Citizens Insurance Company of America).

Perfectt Golf Shoes – For Better Performance On The Turf

A lot of aspiring golfers enjoy the leisure and exercise that golf sport offers, but only a few pay much attention to the kind of golf shoes they purchase. People spend numerous amounts of dollars on getting exclusive memberships to golf clubs and spend hours in selecting golf equipment. While an excellent quality golf shoe selection could be your answer to many significantly better golf games.

It’s important to take into account the undeniable fact that the golf shoes anyone wear may customize the golf game you engage in and may also affect your having success like a golfer. You wander several miles along with expending an average of 3 to 5 hours on your feet when you play golf. It is usually a sound decision to buy a great pair of golf shoes not just to improve how you will have fun playing the game, but also in lessening handicap problems.

There are numerous guidelines you can abide by if you intend to buy a pair of golf shoes. It is very important that you just wear the identical socks you would like for ease of use in playing golf when purchasing your golf shoes. Ensure that the socks usually are not too tight. You ought to provide an allowance, about an inch from a toe into the side of the golf shoes giving place for one’s toes to go. The golf shoes really should be flexible at the time you tiptoe.

You will enjoy a lot of the support when you swing movement from the middle part of the shoe. It is very important that it’s tight in this area in comparison to how you would really feel when attempting on common golf shoes. You dont need to panic about the firmness though, as your golf shoes will certainly stretch after having been utilized many times.

Be sure that you understand the fit. If your golf shoes are way too loose, your feet might often slide whenever you swing, making you drop your stability. But an alternative for loose golf shoes could be insoles to make them somewhat tighter.

In picking out golf shoe size; pick the sizing for ones biggest foot. It is a fact that feet aren’t exactly of the identical size and that one might be slightly bigger than the other. You could generally put an insole in the shoe with the loose fit to compensate for the difference in size.

Avoid purchasing golf shoes that are made of synthetic material for they wont allow your feet to breathe making them smell. Leather would be a good choice since it easily adjusts to your feet giving more support. If affordability is not an issue then the water proof kind of golf shoes would also be a good option, especially when you play in muddy and or moist laden areas.

I hope by purchasing the following hints you’ll be able to obtain the ideal set of golf shoes to suit your needs.