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How To Get Rid Of Tension In Your Golf Swing

I think we have all been there. You are staring down a long par 4 from the tee box. The fairway is lined with trees on both sides. The landing area is tight and hitting 3 wood or iron is not an option, the hole is too long.

You pull out driver and tee up the ball, knowing to win the skin with your buddy you have to land this tee shot in the fairway. You take a few practice swings, address the ball, look down the fairway (it looks a little tighter than before), begin your backswing, and bang!

Your body tightens up. You hold onto the club and hook it into the tress. You think to yourself that bogey will now be a good score. You are upset at yourself and watch as your playing partner swings a smooth driver that lands the ball on the left side of the fairway.

You begin to grudgingly walk towards your ball, hoping you will find it, saying a few things under your breath, and questioning your swing mechanics.

What just happened? A situation that most of us have encountered at some time in our golfing career. We take some smooth practice swings, but when the ball is before us and we have to execute the shot we tighten up and hit a chunky, thin, or fat shot. We have allowed tension to seep into our golf swing. We all know that the swing is a free-flowing movement that requires your body to be loose.

Dean Reinmuth, one of Golf Digests top instructors, speaks extensively about this term in his book. He discusses how a swing needs to be free and flowing. This allows for the club to travel on the correct swing path and develop club head speed. Muscle tension will impede and ruin your swing.

If your muscles are tight, how will you be able to swing a club in a free-flowing manner? You will not be able to do so. If you are gripping the club with a Hulk Hogan sleeper hold, how are you going to swing the club freely? You cant. If you are unable to feel the club head, how are you going to swing the club freely? Again, the answer is you will be unable to do so.

If you have your doubts, give it a try. Head out to the range, purchase a bucket of balls and go at it! Warm up with a few wedges and then grab your 7-iron. Hit a few half shots and lets begin the experiment. First off, take the club and grip it as hard as you can. Now, attempt to hit the ball. What happened? I am guessing not a good outcome. One more time with our experiment, grab the 7-iron and address the ball. Now, when hitting the ball your thought should be: I am going to hit this ball as hard as I possibly can. Go ahead, try to hit the ball. What happened? Again, I am guessing the outcome was not good. What happened in both of these situations? You developed tension in your swing, and it impeded your hitting the ball solidly.

Next question: how do you develop a smooth, free-flowing swing that is tension-free? Quite a few aspects are part of this equation. Developing proper swing mechanics is part of the answer. The swing is an intricate movement that is the blending of a series of movements into one free-flowing movement. In order to develop a tension-free swing you must develop your swing. This is a process that takes time, proper instruction, and practice.

Additionally, you must develop the proper mental confidence in your game. The example in the beginning of this article is a prime example. If you are not mentally confident in your swing, what do you think is going to happen on the tee box? Your body reacts to your mind and tightens up, resulting in a poor swing.

How do you develop the mental side of the game? This is again done through the development of your swing, practice, and playing. As your game develops, confidence in your swing will develop. It is a give and take, so to speak. As your golf swing improves, so will the mental aspect of your game.

Finally, we must discuss the body. Yes, the body has an effect on a tension-free swing as well. Follow the logic, for muscles to be loose and free-flowing, they must be flexible. Being tight and not flexible puts you in a state of tension even before you get to the first tee! If you do not believe me, go to the gym and do 10 sets of heavy bench presses and then go to the range. See how well or poorly you hit that bucket of balls!

If your body is not flexible, you will not be able to perform the free-flowing movements of the swing. The body needs to be flexible for a tension-free swing. If you are inflexible, the ability to even develop your swing mechanics to a point where they are free-flowing will be impossible.

Bottom line is you need to develop your flexibility around your swing.

How do you go about doing this? The implementation of golf-specific flexibility exercises into a training program will do the trick.

The swing and the mind work together to develop a tension-free swing. You cannot develop one without the other. A comprehensive approach is required when developing a tension-free swing. Working only on your swing mechanics will not work if your body is inflexible. Doing only flexibility exercises will not do the trick if your swing mechanics are incorrect. And focusing only on the mental side of the game will not work if your swing is a mess, and your body is as well.

A tension-free swing allows for great shots from all over the course. Developing this type of swing takes time and effort. You must train the body, the swing, and the mind. This is the ticket to your tension-free swing.

Watch Live NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Football Games Online

I always appreciate watching live NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE football games online when i purchased software my pal suggested me. Before having this particular software on my personal laptop I frequently missed the Reside NFL football online game because I seldom stay in your own home. Having paid month-to-month TV subscription had been giving me headache too but I don’t have to worry about which anymore, in truth I save, possibly, more than 1000 dollar annual.

One friend found me when he or she was having trouble find the proper software to view NFL football online game online. I suggested the program I am utilizing but he always tried to consider the free edition. Well, that was advisable, which I had too come across as soon as. I had attempted the free software program myself, but the issues came because I sometimes couldn’t find the funnel that broadcasted the actual LIVE NFL soccer game, sometimes the loading process might provide you with unnecessary headache, or sometimes you might have found the channel however it just did not really connect. I explained all those problems I had been facing to him or her. He nodded as well as agreed, which were too happening to him or her.

Following are the advantages that i told him he is able to get from the actual offer:

You don’t have to worry again about missing the games in an entire season, even should you missed one, you can view it anytime while using on demand function. Now you do possess a reason to cancel your cable television at home and save your valuable money to buy that which you have always dreamt to possess. You will not look for a reason not to visit during the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE season, because you may always watch it anywhere so long as there is a trusted internet connection

Then finally he or she asked me let’s say he wanted to view NFL football video games on his TELEVISION screen when he was in your own home after he truly cancelled his cable television subscription. I knew he’d ask this, fortunately I’d found the solution after i was as well wondering relating to this. I told him he could use PC-TV card for connecting his laptop in order to his TV, that will allow him to view NFL football online game online on their TV screen.

I told him he was wasting his time trying to find a real dependable software online, because he won’t find any of this great free provides. I personally would rather save my time and steer clear of stress rather than do not waste a tiny bit of money to purchase the software.

I hope this article is actually a valuable reading for you, Find out the way you could save your time and effort, money, and avoid stress as you could as nicely watch NFL games and never have to miss one, go to Watch Live NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Football Game On the internet For more details please visit:- Stream2u and watch NFL About Author:- Our aim is to satisfy the clients.

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Mizuno Golf Clubs – Excellent Or Negative

For those who are just taking up the game of golf you by now know what a irritating game golf can be.

The smallest error on your swing, consider back, adhere to-thru, or alignment can seriously make for a very poor shot. That is why it is vital to have a forgiving set of clubs. In the golf globe these days, the most forgiving clubs you can buy are the Mizuno golf clubs for both males and adult

If you are shopping for distance, directly flight, and accuracy, these are the clubs that really should be in your bag. There are no finer clubs on the market and they continue being very well-liked for golfers of all playing levels and capabilities.

At the end of previous yr my wife switched to Mizuno golf clubs because of the straightforward swing, and lengthy distance that they provide the regular golfer. Inside of a issue of six weeks she had lowered her handicap 4 strokes. That is substantial for any individual at any taking part in level. These clubs ended up the ideal match for her swing velocity and her solution to golf.

She was in a position to improve her drives off the tee about twenty yards and got a good deal a lot more distance with her irons. The accuracy of these clubs enabled to get her on most greens in regulation and with a two putt she was earning much more pars then at any time previous to. These clubs are incredibly forgiving and even with the occasional mis-hit she was gaining the ball down the fairway. With a good recovery shot she was back again in handle of her game.

With the consistency of Mizuno golf clubs she was also earning fantastic shots with her lower irons as well. From one hundred several years out she was putting the ball on the green quite consistently. Thee clubs allow for you to have substantially much more self confidence in your game.

All golfer know and recognize that golfing is a game of self-assurance. You have to have the feeling that you can make any shot that is essential out on the golf course. With the high technologies golf clubs that are out there today, your ball is going to go more and be a lot more precise then ever before previous to.

You should keep up with the instances and adjust your previous clubs to the new patterns that are on the market place. It will make a huge big difference in your game. The Mizuno identify will assist you to fulfill your golf dreams and give you with a new passion for the game.

I am an outing enthusiast. The year progresses out camping out whenever possible. His dad loves hiking in the sweet, forest and the beach. Just about every summer when you go to the shore, jet tips is a must. The youngsters love it. Backpacking in the Lavish Canyon was the actual highlight of our vacation 2009. We even took an occasion riding at the mules of which take most people down into a Canyon. That was thrilling and a a bit scary. Hiking in the Sequoia Domestic Forest is a lot like traveling back in its history to an captivated me land by using Knights and even Noblemen. Looking up at the stars after dark, from the floor of the shrubs is truly spectacular. Of all each of our adventures, the most important thing to remember is usually that we veteran them together.happens to our family. Mother nature is all the actual show we start to use.

Get Improved With Mizuno Golf Clubs, Mizuno Golf Clubs – Placing Asia on the Golfing Map, mizuno golf

Football Zone Blocking Schemes For Offensive Linemen

Zone blocking has become a very effective blocking scheme in football from the little leagues to the pros. It is primarily used to open up running lanes for the offense while taking away stunt and slant attacks and is increasingly used in the passing game. What makes zone blocking schemes so popular is its adaptability to almost any offense. What it does is take away the one on one blocking assignments for offensive linemen and puts them in more effective blocking strategies.

The offensive linemen in this scheme do not have to be the tallest, strongest or biggest linemen on the field. The type of offensive linemen zone blocking requires need to be more athletic, have good foot speed and movement. Coordination and technique are far more valuable that just strength and size.

This article will focus on what zone blocking is, why it works and 3 different types of zone blocks.

Instead of blocking the man in front of a guard, tackle or center the blocking assignments become zones. offensive linemen must even learn to read the defense.


The main purpose of the zone it to outnumber the defensive players at the point of attack, neutralizing defensive stunts and slants.


There are three basic zones, the inside zone, outside zone and the stretch zone.

1. Inside Zone: The play is inside the offensive tackle
2. Outside Zone: The play is outside the offensive tackle
3. Stretch: The play is inside the last offensive player.

Reading the Defense:

Offensive linemen must do more than just block, in the zone blocking scheme they must learn how to read the defense and assign a level to each of the defenders they face. They must determine if the defender is level 1 or a level 2 threat and if the offensive lineman is covered or uncovered.

1. First level threat: Any defender who by design of the defensive scheme appears to be a threat to a gap. What this means not only is the defensive linemen on the LOS a first level threat but any linebacker that is lined up two yards back from the LOS and appears to be ready to blitz a gap would have to be considered a first level threat.

2. Second level threat: This will be any defender who appears to be reading the flow of the play and will not be attacking the gaps on the snap of the ball.

3. Covered Lineman: The offensive lineman has a defender in front of him or he can tell a defensive player is assigned to him.

4. Uncovered Lineman: He has no one in front of him and does not appear to have some one assigned to him.

Zone Blocks:

1. Base Zone Blocking: The offensive lineman focuses his eyes on the playside numbers of the defender and explodes off the snap at the proper angle, the angle being where the defensive lineman lines up. The first step is done with the near foot; the second step should place the blocker square with the defensive player. As the blocker is stepping through the defender he wants to be punching both hands into the center of the target just as he does in a drive block.

2. Scoop block: This block is very effective for an outside stretch play. The Scoop blocks primary function is to cut off the pursuit of the defender. It begins with a level one defender and progresses to a level two. This block begins with eyes focused on the outside number of the defender and a strong push off on the inside foot. Contact should be made by the second step which is a cross over step. The offensive lineman wants to rip his inside arm to the play call side armpit of the defender, turning the defenders stomach up field then release to block the linebacker.

3. Fold Block (Trap block): In this example we will be using the right guard and right tackle. The fold block is usually called when a defensive lineman is lined up in the gap where the play is going. For our purposes the hole will be on the folding lineman’s outside shoulder (R Guard) and the down-blocking lineman’s (R Tackle) inside shoulder.

The down blocker must fire off the LOS on the snap, stepping up field in a lateral movement. His left leg should step in front of the defensive lineman and his face mask should be planted in the numbers while driving the opponent down the LOS.

The fold blocker, pausing for half a second, should step to his right scooping behind the down blocker, just grazing his before heading up field. Once contact is made with the linebacker the fold blocker wants to place his helmet just under the linebackers left arm driving him back Even if the fold blocker is not able to drive the linebacker back, he should have created the seal that allows the running back to make more yards.

In conclusion the zone blocking schemes for offensive linemen have produced stronger running games by utilizing the athletic talents of the line. Regardless of the type of offense you run, zone blocking can add power to your running game by stopping defensive slants and stunts and help improve the passing game. These were just a few of the zone blocks teams are using to gain more yards on the ground. Use the links below to see DVDs that can show you how to install zone blocking schemes into your offense.

Dangers of Aquaplaning and slush planing

When driving on a dry road in the summertime, drivers hardly have to think about their tyres. When a thunderstorm breaks or a persistent summer rain fills the grooves in the road or a slush-weather occurs in between harder winter conditions, it is quite a different ballgame. The danger of aquaplaning and slush planning can be felt in the steering: it is difficult to control the car, especially if the tyres are in poor condition or worn out. The best way to prevent aquaplaning and slush planning is to use new tyres. Even new tyres do not completely eliminate the risk of aquaplaning or slush planing, but it is possible to control the car as long as you adjust the driving speed to the conditions.

From the viewpoint of traffic safety, it is important to have both winter as summer tyres with the proper groove depth and properties to suit the weather conditions. When there is excess water or slush on the road and the driving speed exceeds a certain limit, the tread pattern of the tyre no longer pushes aside the water or slush from underneath the tyre. The feel between the tyre and the road will be lost, and so will the grip.

When there is less than four millimeters of tread on the tyres (in Norwegian: dekk), the tyres’ wet grip and aquaplaning as well as slush planing properties essentially deteriorate; the risk of aquaplaning and slush planing, in particular, greatly increases. Furthermore, the breaking distance is longer and the car will skid easier. Tests conducted by Nokian Tyres show that with a worn-out tyre (tread less than 1.6 millimeters, approximately 5 millimeters of water on the road), aquaplaning or slush planning will occur when driving in a curve at the speed of 80 km/h, whereas the aquaplaning and slush planning speed for new tyres is 95 km/h.

When the driving speed increases and the tyres wear out, the contact area between the tyre and the road is dramatically reduced. The contact area of a vehicle with worn-out tyres, 1.6 millimeters, is only 16% when compared to a stationary vehicle.

Dead Car Battery – The 4 Methods To Jump Start A Exhausted Battery!

The simple means to see to a flat battery is through jump-starting it. All that you require to jump-start your auto is some jumper cables and a rescue van with a operational battery. Bear in mind that you ought to in no way attempt to jump-start a van when its battery is evidently cracked or else scratched and you can spot battery acid leaking out. Thank goodness there’s a cool piece of electronics referred to as a battery tender that will keep your battery completely charged.

Need to jump start your car? Go with these four steps…

>>>> Step Number 1). Have the rescue van pull in a close as achievable to the van with the exhausted battery [nose-to-nose], or else side-by-side facing the same direction, the spot will rely on which side the battery are on. Hook up one end of the positive cable[ RED] to the positive [+] terminal on the [rescue] car’s battery, and the other end to the positive [+] terminal to the positive terminal to the lifeless battery. [ Bear in mind the positive terminal is RED].

NOTE: Make certain the rescue car’s motor is not running.

>>>> Step Number 2). Hook up the negative cable [-] BLACK to the negative [-] terminal on the rescue car’s battery, and the other end to a non-moving, grounded part of to the unresponsive car’s motor compartment…A noticeable bare bolt or else the motor manifold, as the manifold is typically unpainted and a excellent point for to make the connection.

>>>> Step Number 3). Make certain e-break brake is set on both autos and the transmission is in park [automatic] and neutral [standard transmission]. Verify to make sure the jumper cables are not going to come into contact with moving parts. Start the rescue car and let it to run for a few of minutes performing this will let its battery to recharge the dead battery somewhat.

>>>> Step Number 4). With the rescue car’s engine running, attempt to start the van with the dead battery… If the sedan does not start, go over step 3 once more. Furthermore if that fails attempt getting a improved grounding spot.

Once the vehicle with the flat battery starts up, allow it to run for at smallest amount 5 full minutes therefore it’s alternator is able to recharge the battery. Uncouple the jumper cables from both vehicles in the Opposed order in which you coupled them. Be certain that you do not let any of the exposed jumper cable end to come into contact with, as they can create a flash. Once you’re on the road again attempt to drive for about a half hour therefore the battery can get extra charge in it.

Important Safty Notes… Never link or come into contact with together both negative or positive cables at the similar time even as your holding them. Also, avoid touching the negative and positive ends with your hands…fingers…or extremities. There are various devices on the market that are able to maintain your battery charged and this might avoid having to be delayed otherwise jump start your vehicle.

Calves Exercises The Characteristics Of An Athletic Body

Calves exercises will have a huge impact on your athletic appearance. But first, let me explain what this is all about in 102 words:

The fitness niche is full of muscular and strong people who still dont look like athletes. Somethings wrong about their appearance. The problem is that they are exercising, but not like athletes. Hence, they do not display the characteristics of an athletic person which is regarded as the most attractive look around the world.

Now, if you knew the exact elements that make up an athletic body, you could easily focus on these elements and build your own athletic body quickly. And this is what this article is about: unveiling these characteristics. So lets get started!

Lean and Muscular

The first element of an athletic body is having an overall lean and muscular stature. This can be quite a challenge for anyone starting out. Its so much easier to be in a caloric surplus and pump them weights than it is to build a lean and muscular body. But its well worth the effort to ultimately build the naturally good looking body of an athlete.

Anyways, to look lean and muscular you must have a low body fat percentage. You achieve this by being in a caloric deficit of 500 calories every day. At the same time, though, you must exercise and lift heavy weights. Dont judge your body fat by whether youre skinny or chubby. Ive seen enough of really skinny guys with a body fat percentage of 15%. Find out your exact body fat percentage with a fat caliper its so cheap and by far the easiest and most practical way to measure your body fat.

Your goal should be to have between 8% and 10% body fat. Once youre there, you WILL look lean and muscular. Now its just a matter of exercising more if you feel like you need more muscles. And believe me, its so much easier to do when you already have low body fat. Because with such a low body fat percentage, all your muscles will look way more defined and youll actually look much stronger than you would with 13% body fat for example.

But thats not the whole story, yet. There are two more elements, and one of them is about calves exercises. Everything will come together and make sense, so just keep reading.


Abs is probably the element that everyone sees as the main element of an athletic body. Hence, I dont need to explain why you need good abs to look athletic. However, before you start doing crunches you must know that abs mostly depend on your body fat. The only way to have a great abs is if you have low body fat percentage. In other words, if you are lean and have low body fat, you WILL have abs.

To shape your abs, though, do more core exercises like planks, leg raises and roll outs instead of only crunches.

Legs and Calves

This element is going to be the most crucial one. Its going to have the biggest impact on your athletic appearance. And this is your legs and calves.

The reason for that is simple: Nobody in the fitness niche ever works out their calves properly! The only sportsmen with well-developed calves are athletes like Basketball players or Football players for example. So, if you come along with real nice calf muscles, people will automatically think of you as an athlete. Moreover, strong legs with good calf muscles are one of the three elements of an attractive and athletic body. Only very few have this element, hence you’ll stand out.

The fact is, athletes need strong legs to perform well in their sport. Think of Ice Hockey players for example. But most fitness people dont have strong legs, and if they do, their calves muscles are still not very visible.

So here are the three elements you need to focus on and you WILL look very athletic and, consequently, have a body that everyone regards as extremely attractive:
– Lean and muscular stature (= your diet and lifting weights)
– Good abs (= your diet)
– Visible leg and especially calf muscles (= calves exercises)

Why nobody knows how to build bigger calves

Now, some might actually do one or two calves exercises as part of their workout routines. And nine out of ten times the calves look the same, even though they get stronger. The reason for that is that calf training is different. You cannot apply calves exercises like your upper body exercises if you want to see visible growth in your calf muscles.

Big Events In The Puma’s History

In 1935,shoe factory was firstly born and began to product in mass,but it was exactly the time when conflict between the brothers began to arise.

1936,Jesse.Owens (1913-1980),a U.S man athlete,won seven gold medals; five bronze medals in the Berlin Olympics,breaking two world records and three Olympic records. It just happened that, Jesse. Owens was wearing Dassler shoes during time.

In 1948 Rudolf Dassler parted from his younger brother Adolf Dassler and set up the company PUMA and made the first pair of football shoes.

In 1952, PUMA won a world-renowned reputation among five states.

In 1958, Brazil and Sweden fought for the champion in Sweden World Cup, and both of the teams were wearing PUMA football boots .as a result, the uppers for “runway” came into being.

In 1962, Brazil not only won the World Cup, Pele also won the best player prize at the same time,and they all wore the PUMA shoes.

In 1967 PUMA became an official mark at the first time, which was an animal puma designed by a famous German cartoon artist LUTZ BACKES.

In 1968, “LOMA1968” – PUMA sponsored the Italian team and won the European Cup in Rome.Meanwhile, the Brothers’relationship became more tension, which even affected the people who wore the clothes of the two brands.

In 1970,the king of ball –Pele led his team to Mexico City and won the third World Cup for Brazil! At that time he wore the PUMA KING .

In 1974,Cruyffa Dutch football player- won runner-up in German World Cup, and gtt the reputation of best player, in his Puma shoes.

In 1982,Diego Maradonas debut in the World Cup he also wore PUMA boots,at the same time,Amin. Dassler invented the “PUMA DUOFILEX”outsole.

In 1986,Mara Dona helped his team won the World Cup with his famous “hand of God’.In the same year, PUMA was transformed into a limited company.

In 1993,Jochen Zeitz, a 30-year-old former U.S. football player, was appointed President and Chairman of the Board in PUMA. He has taken a solid step in the long-term development plan .

in 1998, UMA developed got its reputation in Hollywood by investing famous films such as “City of Angels”, “Shaolin Soccer”, “Daredevil,” “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “Scream”, “apple pie 2″In the same year, Puma signed a contract with the acclaimed German fashion designer Jil Sander, which meant that Puma was the first sports brand with the combination of fashion and sports. Puma Sponsored Serena Williams in the same year and became the official sponsor of the sweater.

In 1999 ,the first concept store was founded in California,followed by the London, Rome, Tokyo, Boston,Frankfurt, Melbourne and Sanlitun Beijing.

In 2007, PPR Group became the biggest shareholder of Puma ,in the same year, it signed a contract with a designer named MQUEEN,

In 2008 ,PUMA took part in Regatta VOLVO, there were 12 stations around the world, with the last stop in Qingdao, China.

The Features & Benefits Of The Ion Sports Bracelet Watch

One of those watches is the Ion Sports Bracelet watch. If you are into sports and exercises, then this is exactly the kind of device that you want on your wrist when you are getting physically fit.

What is it?

The Ion Sports Bracelet watch is more than just a watch. It has more functionalities than you have ever dreamed of. Features that impress are its ability to help you balance your bodys electrical balance through something called Far Infrared Ray and Minus Ion. These items are emitted from Tourmaline and minus ion powder. Tourmaline is mixed into the silicone rubber material that the watch is made of. The other material in the mix is called MAGMA-Q and it is this kind of anion material that can emit negative ion and infrared. So what does this do? It helps you to calm and soothe your mind as you are going through stressful exercises. This is exactly the kind of mindset you need to be in when you are in a very strenuous workout. It may seem hard to believe but because of this effect on your mind, the watch can also help relieve the tension in your body. Beyond exercising, it can help you get to sleep much easier, improve your concentration, make your immune functions stronger and even enhance the energy that you have throughout the day. This is kind of a big deal all coming from the Ion Sports Bracelet watch.

The great thing about this watch is that it is not just a boring looking piece of equipment. It is actually lighter than you can imagine, weighing in at 10 grams, depending on the model of course. You can get it in a variety of different colors and they can actually be quite fashionable for both men and women. On a more technical note, the negative ion emission from these watches range from 1700 to 1900 and far infrared ray emission is more than 90%. The rubber is soft and does not cause any kind of damage to the skin as well.

Now, if you do a little research in the market you will also notice that there are other kinds of Ion Sports Bracelet watch products out there that are made with Germanium in the mix. These are just the same and the only real difference is in the design, color and manufacturer of the product. But you can expect all of the same features as mentioned above including, of course, the regular items that you would expect in a watch such as the LCD screen displays that show hours, seconds, months and dates. These are not free size watches and they come in a range of different sizes so you dont have to worry about getting a watch that will not fit you. Of course, with your minimum investment, you can also be assured of a warranty in case that you see problems with the unit that you purchase.

So with all of these features that are all packed into just one Ion Sports Bracelet watch, you are probably thinking that this is the kind of investment that you want to avoid. After all, this watch sounds more expensive than you would think because of all the features and the benefits that you can get out of it. Shockingly enough, this is exactly the kind of watch that anybody can afford. At just under 20 dollars this is something that you can get for yourself and even for your friends if you see that the effects really do help you out with your physical exercises. Why wouldnt you want to shell out such a little amount of money on something that will ensure your health and well being? The Ion Sports Bracelet watch is definitely an electric little product that you want around your wrist if you want to improve the way you live your life even in the smallest of ways.

All Sports Channel A Winner On Sirius

If you haven’t noticed yet, Sirius Satellite Radio added another channel to its programming. Sirius Sports Central is now on Channel 123 and it’s awesome. For all you fans of the Tony Bruno Show, he’s got his own show now on Sirius. This channel was created for those of us who enjoy all types of sports, not just football.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy football season as much as the next guy. Sports Central definitely has its fair share of football news, but occasionally I enjoy switching gears and talking about a different sport, like what’s going on in boxing, what to expect from LeBron James this year, or how many PGA tour victories Tiger now has under his belt. Sirius Radio says this channel will cover “a variety of professional and college sports” and I think that description is right on target.

So back to the Tony Bruno Show – if you are not already familiar with the award-winning Bruno, you should be. His show airs weekdays from 9:00 am-1:00 pm ET. Bruno is one of the best sports talk show hosts alive and has the experience and recognition to back it up. He’s been in the biz for 35+ years and has covered everything from the Super Bowl to the Olympics to the Kentucky Derby. You name it, he’s been there. In addition to Bruno, Sirius Sports Central will broadcast The Arnie Spanier Show, Todd Wright Tonight, and the David Stein Show.

My favorite part about the new Sports channel are the new programs Sirius created in addition to the exclusive programming that already exists. So if you like listening to the college sports show, “Rivals Radio,” then you’ll enjoy “The Sirius College Football Coaches Show.” And if you like the sports business talk show with marketing and collectibles experts Brandon Steiner and Andrew Bogusch then you might also enjoy the “ABC’s of Sports,” a caller oriented show about making sports more enjoyable for competitors and spectators.

One of the coolest programs is Sirius Fight Club hosted by Randy Gordon. Gordon is the former Chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission and former Editor-in-Chief of The Ring magazine. So all you fight fans will be happy to know that Gordon is covering everything that is going on in boxing and mixed martial arts. Sirius Fight Club isn’t a secret though, so tell all your buddies it’s okay to talk about it.

SiriusSatellite Radio offers a ton of sports programming including NFL Radio on channel 124, NASCAR Radio on channel 128, and NBA Radio on channel 127 in addition to this new channel. If you’re any kind of sports fan then you’re going to really enjoy Sirius Sports Central Station on Channel 123.